Who do you think was the greatest general of the war?

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The Soviet Counteroffensive

Soviet troops counterattacking in Stalingrad. As always, the offensive was led by T-34 tanks. This offensive later resulted in the surrender of Wehrmacht's Third Army with over 100,000 soldiers. They were forced to a march which ended up in total misery for the Germans.

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Deadly Female Sniper

Lyudmila Pavlichenko was the deadliest female sniper of the WW2. Killing 309 German soldiers, she stood as one of the most successful snipers of all time. The Army promoted hand decorated her for her talent. After the war, she was praised as a National Hero and kept working under the Red Army as a sniper instructor.

FW-190s Lined Up

Fw-190 was the brainchild of the famous German engineer Kurt Tank. It possessed some advantages over the Bf-109 such as a more powerful engine. Focke-Wulf's engine was a BMW-built radial engine producing 1,600 horsepower. This engine made the Fw-190 a killer at high altitude.
In addition, it had a wide undercarriage, preventing accidents during landing which was often experienced by Bf-109 pilots.

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Panthers Rolling

Panther was the Germans's answer to the successful T-34. The Germans saw through the weaknesses of the Panzer Mark IV, and simply copied some of the best specifications of the T-34. Sloped armor and thick tracks were some the design elements that the Germans implemented to their new tank. This new design proved effective on the battlefield. Yet, it never overcame the mechanical problems of the tank.

Sturmovik aka Flying Tank

Il-2 Sturmovik was the Soviet answer to the infamous Ju-87 Stuka. An extremely deadly aircraft, Sturmovik used as a tankbuster as well as participating in bomb raids. It was protected by a thick armor which made it impervous to small arms fire and even to low calibre flak. 

Mustang Being Built

P-51 Mustang was built in great quantities to match the war effort in both European and pacific theaters. Resources drawn to the production of this aircraft proved extremely worthy as it made easy the penetration of allied bombers deep into Germany.

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Hummel is one of the several armored vehicle success of the war. It was a proven desing as a mobile artillery.